Training School

Fives Maintenance is training its future employees

To bridge the structural gap of qualified candidates and fill needs generated by strong growth, Fives Maintenance has introduced a certified training program in partnership with the IUT of Chalon-sur-Saône. This training program is a work-study course with a curriculum specifically designed for maintenance and it is helping Fives Maintenance recruit maintenance technicians specialized in machine-tools.

The work-study method:

  • Theory classes
  • On-the-job experience at customer facilities with the machine-tool base

Tutor supervision:

Fives Maintenance technicians with expertise in machine-tool supervise the students while they are on customer sites and help them acquire practical skills on the equipment in real-life situations.

Tailored curriculum:

  • General (mathematics, computers, English, etc.)
  • Scientific and technological (electricity, electronics, electronic engineering, automation, industrial computing, solid and fluid mechanics, materials and thermal).
  • Subjects related to maintenance methods and techniques (FMEA, CMMS, etc.)

Degree recognized in the industry:

  • A technological higher education degree (DUT in French)
Fives maintenance LeTiec-FIVES

Fives Maintenance is wholeheartedly committed to the training initiative that the Fives Group started and has a vested interest in the skills of its future employees. It means our customers will always be provided machine-tool technicians skilled in maintaining their production equipment."

Patrick Le Tiec
Chairman of Fives Maintenance

I was very interested in the field of maintenance, and I knew quite well how to work with turning machine and machine tool. Once I heard about this maintenance training, I immediately signed in.
I totally dedicated myself into school lessons and I practiced with every member of my team, so I could get more experience and skills with various pieces of equipment. At the end of my training, I was hired as service engineer on a permanent basis where I did my work experience.”

Thierry Foucat
Former apprentice, now technician at Fives Maintenance
Fives maintenance formation Guillomot-FIVES

I already worked for 2 years at Fives Maintenance as a technician. My job consisted in current maintenance such as draining, cleaning and greasing, and my days started to sound like routine to me. That is why I decided to go back to school, so I could develop my experience and improve my skills.
I still work as technician, but now I am specialized in machine tool maintenance and repairing. This is a very skilful job and that is what I like about it.”

William Guillomot
Former apprentice, now technician at Fives Maintenance