Fives maintenance transport-FIVES

Fives helps its customers compete in transportation markets

The challenge

  • Refocus attention on the core business
  • Tackle the complex web of operations across France
  • Secure access to the production tool to get the fleet back into circulation as quickly as possible
  • Guarantee service quality
  • Boost competitiveness by optimizing costs

Our proposal

  • Provide a team of experts technicians to supplement the skillset
  • Equipment reliability through maintenance engineering to ensure the availability and durability of systems
  • Branches located throughout France and traveling expert technicians who can perform preventive and corrective work 24/7
  • Maintenance expert in hoisting tools and transportation equipment 
  • Adapt to all types of machinery, even equipment designed and/or modified internally for production-related purposes
  • Adapt to maintenance volumes as required by production equipment
  • Set up a maintenance system seamlessly aligned with the availability requirements of resources
  • Set up a cost progress plan

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