Regulatory support

Ongoing support for your safety

Fives maintenance Accompagnement reglementaire-FIVES

By law, some systems and equipment must undergo routine checks to ensure the health and safety of operators

With its extensive technical and regulatory knowledge, Fives:

  • Performs routine checks for equipment that requires regulatory inspections
  • Provides support for regulatory inspections
  • Upgrades equipment to meet codes

A detailed yearly timetable is drawn up for all routine checks and added to the annual preventive maintenance schedule.

Routine equipment checks

Fives performs routine checks for equipment that requires regulatory inspections to make sure its safety devices are in good working condition and, if necessary, takes the appropriate corrective actions.

Support for regulatory inspections

Fives can offer its customers assistance in conducting regulatory inspections for their equipment by:

  • Scheduling appointments with the inspection agency
  • Preparing equipment for inspection
  • Accompanying inspectors during visits
  • Tracking inspections (enter in CMMS, process data, etc.)
  • Updating maintenance specifications and equipment safety logs

Upgrading equipment to meet codes

Fives uses the inspection reports from regulatory agencies to perform compliance work on equipment that has received warnings (recommended shutdown, part replacement, etc.).

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