Our values

Fives maintenance nos valeurs-FIVES

Values that run deep for all of our employees

A solid foundation of values is what enables our business to meet our customers' expectations and solve their issues. Our employees are united around four values that are an integral part of our company culture.


Our focus on reliability is reflected in the attention our employees demonstrate and how we strive to constantly improve our services and working methods. We turn our exceptional know-how and expertise into unwavering customer satisfaction because we meet all their demands in real time, no matter what they need and how urgent the request is. And we offer them custom high-performance solutions. We actively develop our employees' skills, because our teams are what make us strong.


At Fives, agility is one of our highest values and we show it by adapting and responding to any situation. We listen to our customers and customize offers to give them what they want. Our agility is also evident in our ability to adjust and constantly anticipate changes in the environment, requirements and constraints of our customers' businesses.


This value shines through in our dedication, on which Fives was founded. We are committed and driven to meet and exceed expectations. This value is also manifested through the daily investment and motivation of all our employees.


Our Group is built on innovations developed through creativity. In an increasingly competitive environment, contracts are won through innovative solutions that meet expectations and stand out from the rest. We always encourage our employees to take the initiative and never fail to reward new ideas.

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