Our added-value

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Engineering for your maintenance projects

We show our commitment to meeting customer expectations by implementing a progress plan that allows us to:

  • Increase the availability and performance of equipment
  • Guarantee a maximum availability rate
  • Ensure equipment reliability
  • Optimize costs

These progress plans are implemented by setting up solutions designed to address the constraints and issues specific to our customers' businesses:

  • Devise a preventive maintenance plan or optimize it when needed
  • Conduct operational safety studies (AMDEC, MBF, PARETO, etc.)
  • Manage inventory of spare parts and replacement parts
  • Set up predictive maintenance tools (vibration analyses, oil checks, thermography, etc.)
  • Perform functional system inspections
  • Draw up project management charts and set up technical and financial performance indicators

Fives can also help its customers improve maintenance management through CMMS deployment and optimization (computerized maintenance management system). Installing this type of software can streamline maintenance with performance indicators and activity tracking and comes with built-in technical investment optimization.

We add value with an organization that can:

  • Provide methods resources sent to a facility that prepares ranges composition, preventive and corrective maintenance operations and tracks and conducts equipment performance inspections
  • Provide roaming methods resources and ramp them up for contract startups or throughout the life of a contract for occasional jobs
  • Pool maintenance methods coordinated by a Multisite Method Manager